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Beer Batter Grill-Fried Chicken

in the panI had a craving for some beer batter fried chicken but, as usual, wanted to cook on my grill. What’s a southern boy to do? Aluminum pans to the rescue! This way I can fry chicken for real (not bake pre-fried, frozen stuff on a cookie sheet in the oven), not fill the house with that stale fried grease smell for hours or days to come, not make a mess on the stove, not have to wash a pan afterward, and (BONUS!!) I get to use my grill.

Now granted, it had been a coon’s age since I’ve fried chicken myself, so I forgot one important step in the process. But it still came out alright, and I’ll remember next time.

For the batter:

1 cup plain old bleached flour
1 egg
1 12 0z. bottle of beer
seasonings of your choice

I used a “French Fry Seasoning” from the store that smells and tastes an awful lot like the stuff they have on the table at Steak N Shake restaurants.

Instead of filling the pan with a couple of inches of vegetable oil, I melted two sticks of real butter over low heat, so not to scorch it.

Paula Deen would be proud.

crunchies on the plateI wanted to see if this method will work for camping trips later this year. I’ll remember for next time, but I forgot that after dipping in the batter the chicken should be rolled in another, dry mix of flour and spices so it’ll stick. Also, I had the burners on medium to prevent scorching the butter, but it took forever to start sizzling. Once I set them to about three quarters, it went just fine. So I got fried chicken minus a lot of its crust, but a lot of really good crunchies. (Yeah, just like the crumbs at Long John Silver’s.) Flour, seasoning, beer, egg, butter. It’s practically buttered french toast. Minus syrup plus beer.

I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to try some of the crunchies with me (and they were soooo good!), but she kept saying something about arteries… or some such nonsense… I couldn’t hear over the crunching sound.

drumsticks, crunchies and iced teaMore for me.

Gave her neighbor one of the drumsticks, as he was getting home just as they finished, so I had three legs, a lot of crunchies and sweetened iced tea. I love being southern! Now for a slice of lemon icebox pie…