Ordinary Guy, Mouth Wateringly Interesting Blog

I’m just an ordinary guy who loves to grill and smoke meats. I rarely use an actual recipe, although I sometimes look at several different ones to get ideas for my own approach. Still, a lot of what I do is strictly experimental, just going by feel. If it works, I include the ingredients here and let you know. If it’s not so good, I adjust it and try again. Everyone has their own tastes.

Tools of the Trade

My gas grill is a Perfect Flame (house brand at Lowe’s) 2518SL. Occasionally I’ll use a pair of smoker boxes on it with hickory chips if I want to add a smoky flavor to something.

My Traeger Jr. pellet smoker’s auger, fan, hot rod and fire cup system make for ease of use and minimal cleanup.

And the latest addition is a Brinkmann Smoke’N Grill charcoal smoker. It’s small and light enough to take on a campout, which is what I bought it for, but two grates that allow it to handle a lot of food.